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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  August 14, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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the latest on another night of unrest near st. louis, as police fire *tear gas at a crowd. the f-b-i joins state troopers in the fight against chicago gangs. details in a *live report. and the *jackie robinson west little league team gets ready for their big game today! good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm nancy loo in for erin. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. the mad nice to have to ansett instead of outside. >> it's in this morning weather wise. usually when it's horrible unreasoning you are out there. >> i always try. today i've got the caffeine. >> that's the real secret. we
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have mr. conditions today. yesterday our high was in a low 80s. sunshine today. mostly clear skies. temperatures are not so bad. it's six degrees in aurora. satellites regard composite shows we are dry and we stay dry this weekend. expect a mix of sun and clouds. a little cooler along the lake. typical high is 82. down to 55 tonight. saturday's tie up to 81. scattered showers and thunderstorms. here is sarah in her orange. >> i'm trying to be chipper with my color. here's what we're watching on the dan ryan south
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bound a crash involving a motorcycle. two lanes blocked and slow going on the bishop ford. the report of a crash we will bring you more information,. >>tear gas was used to break up another protest over the deadly police shooting of a teenager in ferguson, missouri. and another witness comes forward and describes how the shooting happened. karin caifa has more. >> police in the streets fire teargassed at protesters. another tense night as demonstrators seek justice. another shot by a police officer. there still be the sixth day of turmoil. suppose to be the first day of school. safety has made it postponed.
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police maintained he was shot during a struggle when he tried to grab an officer's weapon. but there still piecing the story together. >> i don't have a clear understanding. so many witnesses are coming forward and we're trying to get them to come be interviewed so we can get that clear picture. >> new witnesses who say they were at the scene and saw the on armed teenager backing away. >> he turned around and put hands up and the cop continue to fire until he just dropped to the ground. >> officials have still declined to release the officers named for his safety. the white house says the president was briefed on the situation wednesday night and will continue to receive updates. the missouri governor will visit for recent leaders today. >>eight people were shot since last night across the city. a woman and two men are in critical condition, after shots from an alley hit them on a back porch near 86th and ingleside in the chatham neighborhood.
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it happened just before 9:30. less than two hours earlier, a 15-year-old boy was wounded in the abdomen and arm by shots fired from a car near 118th and princeton. chicago police are getting some new help from springfield -- and now washington -- to combat the city's gang violence problem. patrick elwood is live on the west side with more. >> of chicago police getting help on two fronts. springfield -- and now washington -- in its fight against gang violence. the f-b-i is sending 65 more agents to the city's high-crime neighborhoods. they will work with chicago police officers -- mostly on thursdays and fridays -- to prevent street violence. the agents will also target street-corner drug sales, and round up illegal guns. at the same time, 40 illinois state troopers will join local police in an intensified search for gang members wanted on murder warrants. they will be dressed in plainclothes and it will go out in pairs to be teamed up with
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five officers as part of each unit. they will work four shifts in four high crime areas. inglewood and austin. governor clinton made that offer to the mayor a few weeks ago and mayor readily accepted. the sun times is reporting the fbi agents will be assigned to gang suppression missions on thursday and friday for the next three-four weeks. the police superintendent often said the easiest way to reduce crime is to get fugitive's off the street. but the chicago police union president and his counterpart are calling it nothing more than a band-aid approach and the real solution is with hiring more officers and more state troopers. back to you. no sign of those state troopers yet. we will be here all morning monitoring this
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situation. that's the story for now. >>a chicago woman and her boyfriend have been declared suspects in her mother's murder on the pacific vacation island of bali. heather mack and tommy schaefer were fingerprinted after the body of sheila von weese mack was found stuffed in a suitcase in the trunk of a taxi. she had been beaten to death. the mother and daughter lived in oak park until moving to chicago's lake front about a year ago. oak park police had been called to the home about 80 times due to the women's stormy relationship. >> we all knew there were issues. but no one could have called this. >> every family hopes that this move would make things better but it seems to have done the opposite. >>the suspects were caught three weeks ago using the victim's credit card without permission to host a party at a rush street hotel. israel and hamas agreed to
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extend their cease fire, but there were early concerns about it lasting. israel and palestinian officials agreed to extend the cease fire for another five days. but that was almost ruined when rockets were fired from gaza near the end of the initial truce. israel responded with airstrikes, but that's where it ended. hamas says it had nothing to do with firing any rockets toward israel. both sides are expected to have negotiators return to indirect talks in egypt this weekend. the defense department now says, an american-led rescue mission in iraq may no longer be needed. just a week ago, thousands of iraqis were trapped on a kurdish mountain ridge with no food or water... and surrounded by islamist militants from the group "i-sis." determined that most of those people managed to scramble to safety by themselves, thanks to the recent u.s. air strikes against "i-sis." the white house is repeating that american troops aren't there to fight. >> any u.s. military personnel anywhere in the world has the ability to protect himself. but
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the purpose and the mission is not to engage in combat. it's to make an assessment on a temporary basis about how we move that population often bound into a great place. >>president obama has said, american troops stand ready to help with *humanitarian missions, if they're needed. two of the people responsible for bringing red light cameras to chicago have been indicted in a two million dollar bribery scheme. former city manager john bills is charged, along with former c-e-o of redflex traffic systems karen finley. she is accused of using cash and trips to influence bills for 10 years while redflex had the city's camera contract. both have denied wrongdoing. mayor emanuel fired redflex from the program earlier this year. the family of a woman killed in a pace transit minivan crash will get a nearly three million dollar settlement. the accident was caught on the van's surveillance video. elle mae williams was being
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driven to a computer class in march last year when the driver fell asleep at the wheel. the van plowed into a light pole at 46th and halsted. leroy stevenson pled guilty to speeding, negligent driving and failure to wear a seatbelt. 16 chicago charter schools will soon be under new management. the troubled "united neighborhood organization" -- or "uno" -- has lost its contract to manage the schools, in the midst of a hiring scandal. some charter schools were built by relatives of a senior "uno" executive, using state money. as a consequence, the "uno charter school network board" will take over the management of the schools, once the coming school year is over next june. chicago baseball has not been that thrilling this year, unless you're talking about the little league world series. the city has a team in the tournament for the first time in over 30-years. the tournament started with the "grand slam parade" in pennsylvania yesterday. there's chicago's very own "jackie robinson west" taking it all in. they have their first game, against a team from washington state, this afternoon.
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the city and the white sox are holding a viewing party at jackie robinson field on south aberdeen. "jackie robinson west" definitely has a growing fan base back home. check out the blue cross building from last night. the office lights read, "go j- r-w." marcus leshock is with the team in pennsylvania.. we'll hear more from them at 4- 30. >> wishing them the best. >> early today we have sunshine. are sunrise was at 559. we are expecting sunshine and a fairly nice day. temperatures cooler than yesterday. it's currently 64. in the union is 57. we are dry. dry today. high pressure nestles in from the west. it
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will keep temperatures cool. typical high 82 we only make 76. tomorrow we get to 79. dry friday. chance of rain saturday and sunday as a low pressure system skirts to the south. high temperature in the low 80s. just in time for sunday. >>coming up ... a bear helped itself to lunch in colorado. it's caught on camera. plus -- it's a once in a 200- year event. record rainfall leads to extreme flooding in the northeast. we'll have an update. and -- a teenager was caught living at walmart. how he managed to go unnoticed for so long.
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severe weather has brought record-setting rains to new york's long island. this is how it looks in the town of bay shore. at least one person was killed when a wall of floodwater swept across some eastern long island roads. one area got 13 inches of rain in just a few hours. several cars could be seen floating down the street. a massive sinkhole opened up beneath a shopping plaza, and flood water could be seen flowing under the stores. in southern new jersey, flooding left many homes severely damaged. the force of the water collapsed the cement foundations of many houses, and washed them
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away. several people who evacuated their homes, had to be rescued from their *cars, when they got stranded on flooded roads. in maryland, large sections of roadway were washed away by the rain. take a look at this giant hole in a *baltimore street. homeowners are trying to clear away the last of the standing water in their basements and yards. baltimore got more than six inches of rain tuesday -- its second highest one-day rainfall ever. americans buy many of the comforts of home at walmart. a teenager in texas took it a step further by moving into a store. the 14-year-old set up two hiding places behind boxes of merchandise in the store in corsicana, texas. he changed clothing frequently so he wouldn't stick out on surveillance video. he even wore diapers so he wouldn't be noticed using the restrooms. after several days, a trash trail led employees to his hideout. it's unknown why he did it. he's back with family and walmart hasn't pressed charges. yogi bear was known for taking he's just looking for the good prices. yogi bear was known for
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taking picnic baskets.. but a real bear was caught helping itself, in a truck. some workers were in the backyard of a home in colorado springs, when the homeowner told them to check out their truck. inside was a bear. it stayed in there for about half an hour and ate the lunches that were inside. >> he came into the passenger side of the truck and just made himself at home. >> there were two lunches in the front seat it must've been good. i know my boss's reaction at first was its cool but then he broods about damage done to the truck. >>the bear finished off a turkey sandwich before it got out and left the area. the manager of the landscaping company says he's now telling employees to roll up their windows if they leave their lunches inside a company car. to worry about it on your own car but when it's a company car and you better put those windows up. >> keynote with our vehicles there are old lunches on the floor anyway. when the bears to
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come in and clean it out. >> the bears no better they go to channel 7 for the caviar and the good stuff. 62 degrees right now. wind as 6 mi.. the dew point is 54. around the region its 59 in waukegan. rochelle dropped down to 48 degrees yesterday. its 58 now. much warmer for them. satellites composite shows dry conditions. we have some clouds across the region. a mix of clouds with some of sunshine. more sun than anything as high pressure develops overhead and drops in from the north. it will bring in cool air we will only be in the mid-70s. but this time moves in tomorrow and we pump in the warmer air. highs will be north of the '80s into the weekend. this ridge will finally break down and bring us cream friday night into saturday. the rain will hold off into friday night.
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mostly sunny. cooler along the lake. 76. still moonlit tonight. 79 on friday. saturday good chance of showers and storms. >> a few things out there to slow you down. one of them on the bishop ford a crash south bound at 130. all lanes are blocked. traffic is squeezing by. and south bound dan ryan at 83rd and earlier crash involving a motorcyclist. the right lane is still blocked. moving over to the tristate south bound rate near north avenue, the right lane is blocked with a car fire. a bit of a tap of the brakes over there and overall light volume this morning. >> coming up, taking a look at the ice bucket challenge. >> and what made the normally mild-mannered of robin ventura and lose his cool in said francisco ...
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better he learns it here than on the streets. the miracle of bundling -- now, that's progressive. good morning. plenty of debate
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over baseball's new blocking the plate role. the debate is getting even louder and white socks found themselves in the middle incidences' go. they put
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one there to put the socks up 1- 0. but in the seventh tried to score from third is tagged out by flowers. or is he? flowers is rule to block the payout. his scores and ventura is ejected. and then the bases are loaded the signal puts them ahead they score seven and beat the sox 7- 1. they call the new rule a joke. >> running out of town hit his first home run and when he did he got it all. giving the cubs a 3-0 lead. and on the very next day for rizzo he hits the second in two nights. 27 of the year the cubs beat the brewers 4-2. there are six and six against the division leaders. less than a week after announcing that the star running back was suspended
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the first two games northwestern announced he's leaving the program and will transfer. all the pre games last year were missed with injuries has been suspended for violating team policy. more bad news for the team. a number of players lismid due to injury or suspension. now the coach made and the announcement that it will have their starter back. the home opener is august 30th. the bears play their second preseason game at soldier field taking on the jacksonville jaguars. that's sports. have a great day. >>stocks closed on a high wednesday. the dow gained 91. the nasdaq rose 44. and the s-and-p added 12. it's back-to-school time, which means it's also homework time. the american academy of pediatrics has some tips for healthy, productive study habits at home. help your kids schedule plenty
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of time to get their homework done, with time set aside for breaks to limit eye, neck and brain fatigue. establish a consistent, quiet place to get work done. and keep those t-v's and other electronics off, except when computers and the internet are needed for assignments. >> i need help with my teenager what to do about attitude? >> i am not there yet. >> you will be and you will get it's because you have a girl. celebrities and the not-so famous are all accepting a chilly challenge after a fundraising idea went viral. the a-l-s *ice bucket challenge* was started in july by pete fratees, a 29-year-old former boston college baseball player, diagnosed with lou gehrig's disease two years ago. he called his friends and challenged them to videotape themselves as they dump ice water over their heads. if they didn't respond to the challenge within 24 hours they had to send a hundred dollars to a-l-s research.
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>> now that something happened it's raising the awareness. ever but it was on board from the start. he really inspired people. the way he has dealt with it has been more graceful and more inspiring than any story i can imagine. that's what is the important part in my opinion. >>since those first challenges they've raised more than four million dollars to fight the fatal disease. >> that one is the slow burn. >> i saw pat taking part yesterday. >> with his dog? >> he dumped the water on his dog ... he did write a check as well. >> it is raising money. >> dan is next. >> right on set. >> and going to write the check.
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demetrius, we've got you forgot but it's your birthday. happy birthday! 29 years old. and maybe a few years. >> they put me on game of thrones. >> you are the king. you're the king of whether from 4-6:00 a.m. in this city. >> and from 4-431 no one is on i m #one. i am the tom skilling of the walk of shame show. >> that was great. >> 62 degrees right now. wind will be coming out of the south. it's our whether producers per day as well. >> it's good to be weird back in the weather office later on. >> we have a few spots out on the roadway. a 130 we have a
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crash. all lanes blocked just the right lane one so tight approach in that point. earlier crash been writing heading south bound involving a motorcyclist has been cleared. >> still more to come. --marcus catches up with the jackie robinson west kids, at the little league world series! and -- the latest on the race for governor as democrats had their day, down at the state fair. plus -- a father lashes out at tony stewart, after the racer killed his son on a new york dirt-track. and -- is this proof of extraterrestrial life? what one web surfer found on the moon. that is def
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the latest on another night of unrest near st. louis as police fired tear gas and a crowd. >> the fbi joined state troopers fighting chicago gangs. >> the jackie robinson west little league team gets ready for their begin today. we will hear more. >>good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm nancy loo in for erin. let's go to tim mcgill for ahi, tim. who have demetrius here for the weather. >> we have good weather for the
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watch party. they had heavy flooding out in pennsylvania but they should be good today. really good weather. finally some sunshine. today's high will be in the '70s. cooler than normal. cooler along the lake. here are the current temperatures. in the city typically get warmer temperatures during a summer night. all the concrete keeps you from cooling down. satellites to composite shows we are dry. high pressure system will stay around for a day meeting sunshine comes through today and tomorrow. the big breakdown is friday night we have the showers and storms. today, 76. we have the chance of rain saturday. 81 degrees. sunday we make 78. he said a moment ago it's my birthday. what did you get me? >> q like by water bottle? you could have it and then do the ice challenge.
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>> is there water in it? >> there maybe some vodka and the bottom. >> we have a crash on the south side of the bishop ford a 130. rightly blocked with a crash. also the tristate heading south bound you can see delays just passed north avenue with brightly blocked. and just getting word of the crash on the expressway traveling west bound all lanes blocked at irving park road. four ambulances were sent to the scene. will have more coming up. >>a woman who says she saw a police officer shoot and kill an unarmed teenager describes a struggle before the gunfire. 18 year old michael brown was killed by an officer in ferguson, missouri, saturday. police say brown was going for the officer's gun, but witnesses disagree. one says she saw brown struggle with an officer through his squad car window. she says brown ran after a gun went off, and the officer followed him. the ferguson police chief says the officer had been hit and had swelling on his face. there have been protests in the streets every night since the
4:33 am
shooting. police fired tear gas to break it up, as officers in riot gear cleared the area. >> he started to run. then the police man got out of his vehicle and followed shooting at him. the kid's body jerked because he was hit from behind. he turned around and put his hands up like this and the cop continue to fire as he dropped to the ground. >> the police chief says the officer had been hit and had swelling on his face. there have been protests in the streets every night since the shooting. police fired teargas to break it up as officers in riot gear cleared the area. >>eight people have been shot since last night across the city. a woman and two men are all in critical condition, after shots from an alley hit them on a back porch near 86th and ingleside in the chatham neighborhood. it happened just before 9:30. less than two hours earlier, a 15-year-old boy was wounded in the abdomen and arm by shots fired from a car near 118th and princeton in pullman. chicago police are getting some new help from springfield -- and now washington -- to combat
4:34 am
the city's gang violence problem. patrick elwood is live on the west side with more. good morning. chicago police getting help on two fronts. state police have been joining beginning today just a few hours ago and we've also learned as many as 65 fbi agents are on their way to help as well. >> 40 state troopers across illinois have been reassigned into new temporary headquarters at the police station on the west side. the state police will be dressed in plainclothes as part of the fugitive apprehension task force going out in pairs to be teamed up with five chicago police officers in each unit. they will work for 10 hour shifts in for a high crime areas, the governor made the offer to mayor emmanuel a few weeks back and mayor
4:35 am
excepted. now the sun-times reports the fbi agents will be assigned gang suppression missions on thursdays and fridays for the next three-four weeks. chicago police superintendent gary mccarthy has often said the easiest way to reduce crime is to get those criminals off the streets to begin with. >> that said, the president of the chicago police union and his counterpart with the illinois state police don't like this approach calling it a band-aid approach and that more officers and more troopers are needed on the streets to be hired to address the problems. >> no sign of the state police just yet. >>taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. a 19-year-old chicago woman and her boyfriend have been named the suspects in her mother's grisly murder on the tropical island of bali.
4:36 am
the body of 62-year-old sheila von weesemack was found stuffed in a suitcase left in a taxi. police were frequently called to the oak park home where heather mack and her mother lived until recently. israel and hamas extended their cease fire for another five days. but that almost came apart after rockets were fired from gaza right after the intial truce ended. israel responded with airstrikes. hamas says it didn't fire those rockets. negotiations in egypt are expected to continue this weekend. the defense department is now saying, an american-led rescue mission in iraq may no longer be needed. just a week ago, thousands of iraqis were trapped on a kurdish mountain ridge with no food or water... and surrounded by islamist militants from the group "i-sis." but u.s. special forces now say, most of them managed to scramble to safety by themslves, thanks to the recent u.s. air strikes against "i-sis." a year ago, a six-year-old boy fell into a hole on the north slope of mount baldy, at the indiana dunes national
4:37 am
lakeshore. several *other holes were subsequently discovered in the sandy soil. the dune has been closed since then. this morning, we'll get an up- close look at what scientists are doing, to figure out whether the dune can be made safe again. for the first time in 31 years, the south side of chicago is represented at the little league world series. marcus leshock followed the team to williamsport, pennsylvania where they're ready to play the biggest games of their young lives. >> australia. the czech republic. >> correa. >> they've come to pennsylvania from all over the world for the first time in 30 years, chicago is representing. the jackie
4:38 am
robinson all stars are here to face the competition in the little league world series. >> it's huge. we are living in a bubble but i do have my phone so i get text messages of back to check social media. there's a lot going on at home. people are very excited. i'm excited for them. going to try to make everybody proud try to win a few games. >> after talking to everybody you guys are the most composed team here. >> we can hit. >> before the competition begins there was a friendly picnic for the teams to get to know each other followed by a parade or more than 40,000 people lined the streets to cheer on a world of little league talent. >> hasn't been overwhelming getting here? how has the team reacted? >> after winning in indianapolis, it's been very overwhelming. we got here we
4:39 am
unpacked and everything has been very fast. >> we got to meet people from all over the world. >> the manager tells me he's doing his best to keep keep his team lose to make sure they don't feel too much pressure and that they have fun. but in just a few hours the games will begin and things will get serious. >> they're going to bed early. so the better enjoy whatever fun they're having enjoyed the picnic and enjoy the parade. once we are done with dinner they are going to bed. >> a very exciting for them. i feel like they are all of our children. we were all cheering for them. so jackie robinson west has its first game this afternoon at two o'clock. the city and the white sox are throwing a viewing party at jackie robinson field on south aberdeen. that starts at one-thirty. former sox players and the mascot southpaw will be there.
4:40 am
and there will be no rain? >> no rain for the viewing party or even for the game. 62 degrees right now. it's going to be a nice day. 59 now. it's 58 in rochelle and the caliber trading at 56. sunrise comes in an hour. the last day were the sun comes up before 6:00 a.m.. the days will start getting shorter. we get dry today. mostly sunny we're cooler along the lake high temperatures 76. it's going to be cooler than normal. seems like we've lost summer somewhere in the beginning of august. temperatures will warmup in the seven days. clear and cool and quiet. tomorrow's high 79 degrees. sunshine and clouds on the increase. a good chance of rain friday and saturday. saturdays high is 81.
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>> still ahead, called north korea deals with the pope's visit to the south. >> an update on the ebola outbreak. >> taking a look at the best attributes to robin williams.
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rugged and uneven. new gillette body is the first razor built to handle male terrain with a rounded head, three lubricating strips and an anti-slip grip. new gillette body only from gillette, the best a man can get.
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francis began a visit to south korea, *north korea launched three short-range *missiles at its neighbor. there's no indication that anyone was hurt. the pope landed in seoul this morning, to begin a five-day peace mission. it's the first time *any pope has visited that region of the world. francis will beatify 124 korean martyrs. and he says, while he's there, he plans to reach out to *north korea, in a mass for peace and reconciliation. the ebola outbreak in africa shows no signs of slowing down, as experimental drugs begin to arrive. the world health organization says ebola has now infected about *two thousand people, in four countries. about half of them have died. sierra leone just lost its second leading doctor, who died after he caught it from a patient. the news is improving in atlanta, where two americans are being treated. the husband of nancy writebol says she's making progress. writebol and another infected
4:45 am
american were both treated with an experimental drug called z- mapp. >> each time i speak with her she sounds brighter and more clear. i'm imagining she is getting stronger and that she said she is feeling better. she is still very weak and she is still not necessarily dot dot is moving in the right direction. >>zmapp is also being used right now in liberia. today's republican party day at the state fair to rally their forces in a tightly contested race. yesterday it was governor's day the democratic office holders turned out to drop support for pat quinn. the theme was democratic middle- class values. but republicans on hand stuck to illinois fortunes during the term. >> the want to make temporary
4:46 am
tax permanent. jobless rates that exceed the entire midwest. that doesn't sound to me like people are better off. >> they have a person who can self finance. even my opponent is pretty well off himself. it's like a dream come true for the party. we do it the old- fashioned way going out to raise money. >> democrats fear turnout will be low because it's not an presidential election year. >> father of kevin ward is lashing out at tony stewart. to start hit and killed his son during a track race. word got out of his car after being forced into the wall during a race. the father says stuart had no reason to do that since he was by far the best driver on the track. also questioning has stores did not see his son the other drivers managed to avoid him.
4:47 am
>>robin ventura lost his mind after a call at the plate gotthe sox were up one-nothing, when catcher tyler flowers tags scoke out the giants' gregor blanco. stockthe ump called the runner out, but then the play got reviewed. the runner was ruled safe because of a new rule that says the catcher can't block the plate until he has the ball. ventura got ejected after he came out of the dugout screaming and kicking dirt. the sox lost the game seven to one. flying, standing on desks... impressions of robin williams are flooding the web. jeanne moos has some of the best tributes to the fallen star. >> will would robin think if he could see all the car key attributes his own a commemorative issue of time magazine. a comedy club and signs saying robin williams rest in peace, make got laughed. adoring cartoons like this one carrying three aces to the joker, robin williams capturing
4:48 am
a one-of-a-kind. other comics choked up ... >> genius the comedian robin williams has passed away. >> some imitated him a vintage impression posted. jimmy phelan did a montage. >> to just get into it like a geyser home run what's going on the kids say note. grandmother says what's happening? >> weaving 22 robin williams tv and movie references into a sportscast. >> happy feet, popeye. >> some were subtle. >> some just dropped. >> won nothing braves.
4:49 am
>> almost did a movie poster scorecard. at least he didn't stand up on his anchor desk. >> capt. mike capt.. >> this scene from dead poets society when students were against the dismissal of their teacher. it became a folk tribute as fans took to their desks and table tops. at the university of north carolina's wilson the library where scenes from the movie patch adams were shot, all hands were on deck. even the latest peter pan alison williams dedicated her first training flight to the other peter who got his hand back and disney treated out a tribute to illustration showing the genie from aladdin as a consolation of stars. what would robin say about these tributes? >> they do the voice.
4:50 am
>> >> many people find him. take a look at what "nasa" spotted on the moon. the shadowy figure first appeared last month, thanks to "google moon." did you know there's a google moon?and a close-up image suggests, it's some kind of humanoid *alien walking around on the moon's surface. but scientists say there are several more plausible explanations. it does look like somebody walking. it could be a shadow from a geological formation. it could be a glitch in a camera lens, or just a trick of light. but it's fun to speculate, isn't it? >> i don't see any speculation. that is definitely an alien walking around. >> it definitely-dan. >> nancy-where is larry? >> demetrius: he has been gone
4:51 am
for a while. >> dan: larry has been gone for a while. i'm just saying ... >> let's take a look at our day. here are the current temperatures. about one is reading at 58. we will have former numbers as we move to the city. in chicago it's the '60s. some light composite shows we are dry. stay dry today. temperatures in the mid-70s. our high will be 76. >> heading west bound on the belgian o'hare we have a crash at irving park. all lanes are blocked. expect added delays on the west bound trip. think about the street as an alternate. for its ambulances have been called. south bound vision for crash at 130 cleared up. just a minor lingering delay. everything should be back to normal in the next five minutes. >> coming up, while robin williams' daughter quit social media. >> and have broadway remembered
4:52 am
the lead actor. stay with us.
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robin williams' daughter, zelda, says... internet trolls and countless media outlets.. were mining her family's social media pages for pictures... she says they were posting nasty and hurtful messages. the 25-year-old wrote a farewell message on her twitter page before she signed off. in part, "i should've risen above. deleting this from my devices for a good long time, maybe forever." >> the lights of broadway and wind darkie in honor of the robin williams last night. some of the marquee lights in the broadway theater district were turned off for one minute. he made his broadway acting debut three years ago starring in bengal tiger at the baghdad zoo. >> good morning. today's high temperature will be cooler than normal. high reaches 76. we are expecting some sunshine. today's high temperature is cooler than normal. saturday we make 81. chance of rain there. 30 percent chance on sunday. we do warm up next week.
4:56 am
>> coming up, a new poll shows the mayor has work to do. >> and we will catch up with the jackson jackie robinson believe team ahead of their big game today. stick around.
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